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Things to Know

  1. DATE: Sunday, June 5, 2022, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

  2. LOCATION: Bishop Park, 6401 Boone Road, Bryant, Arkansas 72022. This is a beautiful park with shade trees. The stage is located at the pavilion. 

  3. WHO IS COMING?  The Body of Christ/the Church/the Ecclesia/the Ones Called Out! If that is you, please join us at Prayer At The Heart-Arkansas.  We pray there will be representatives from all 75 counties, churches, and ministries from across Arkansas. It is the family of God that will lead the way.

  4. WHO IS INVITED?  You are! This is a day for generations to be represented, so please bring your families with you. Moms, dads, grandparents, sons and daughters - are all invited. This is a grass roots movement. 

  5. WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF THE DAY? The main focus of the day is lifting up the name of JESUS CHRIST high above every other name. During the 5 hours, we will focus on Worship, Prayer, Vision and Repentance, Revival and Awakening, Life, Families, Inspiration, and Going Forth. 

  6. WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?   This gathering is outdoors. Please check the weather that day and dress accordingly. Also please bring chairs or blankets to sit on, umbrellas for shade, water, Bible, sunscreen, bug spray and anything else you will need throughout the day. Bleachers will be available.

  7. WHAT ABOUT FOOD? This is a solemn assembly so we are asking those who can to fast. However, we also know fasting can occur in a variety of ways. Please bring water. Please bring snacks and food as needed for those in your party. There are picnic tables around the area. Coolers are welcome. Food trucks: Bar-B-Que and Catfish.

  8. WHAT ABOUT BATHROOMS? This is a public park with public bathrooms provided.

  9. WHAT ABOUT PLACES TO STAY? Bryant is the geographic center of Arkansas. It is 20 miles southwest of Little Rock on I-30.  Depending upon where you are coming from, this could be a day trip. Home2Suites by Hilton is located at 2612 Span Way, Bryant, Arkansas 72022. 

  10. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? Please take time right now to click on the link and register to come. The event is FREE, but registration helps us know how to plan. It also shows us what counties are coming. This is a grass-roots effort. This is a grass-roots effort. It is not about big platforms or names. It is about the people of God showing up in unified prayer for revival and awakening in our land!!!! Please help us get the word out. Share the link to register and invite people you know. Register here

  11. DO YOU NEED VOLUNTEERS? Yes, we most definitely do. When you go to the website to register, there is a link for volunteers to sign up. We so appreciate your help!! Sign up to volunteer here!!

  12. WHAT ABOUT PARKING? This is a park so there will be plenty of parking available around the area. There are 750 spaces available.

  13. SOIL PROJECT 75—WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? There are 75 counties in Arkansas. We are hoping for representatives from all 75 counties to join us in Bryant on June 5th. We ask you to bring soil from your respective county. Will you bring soil from where you live? On June 5th, we are going to mix all the soil from our 75 counties as representation of the unified prayers for Arkansas going up that day. We are then going to ask people to take soil back home with them as a reminder of the unified prayer on that day. We are believing that Prayer At The Heart will continue to take place throughout the state of Arkansas at the county and city levels. Please bring soil from your home town. It can be a jar or a sandwich bag, but bring soil so all of Arkansas’ ground will be represented on June 5th.

  14. HOW CAN YOU PRAY? Pray that the Lord God Almighty would be glorified in the state of Arkansas on Pentecost, Sunday, June 5. Pray for the Body of Christ to come from all 75 counties and for our hearts be aligned with His heart. Pray for God to do what only He can do in our midst. Pray for good weather. Pray for all the logistics to come together. Pray as the Lord Jesus leads.

  15. LIVE STREAM: For those that are not able to travel to Bryant, there will be live-streaming of the day. The link for the live-streaming will be: www.prayerattheheart/live. Please share this with friends and family who would like to be part of this day but can't travel on June 5th. 

  16. Schedule for the Day:

       12:00 Noon Pre-Worship    

       1:00-6:00 Welcome * Worship *Vision and Repentance * Revival and Awakening * Life * Families * Inspiration * Going          Forth * Communion * Closing    

17.  Organizers – Linda Jaramillo and Jeannie Gibby


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